Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere
1994   Shioya, Kobe, Japan

One day, I thought that if I became Santa Claus in the warm season, I would feel like I was in some southern hemisphere country with Christmas in the warm season.
It was spring, and I became Santa Claus in the vacant lot near the ocean, through which trains passed. I was a Santa Claus whom you could glimpse from the train window, but could not look back and gaze at. The image would linger in your mind, because it was such a fleeting moment.
I thought it would be wonderful if someone from Latin America or Australia was on the train, and, catching a glimpse of me as Santa Claus, remembered Christmas at home in the warm season.
I picked up the garbage in the vacant lot. This Spring Santa Claus held blue bags that were filled with discarded things.
Sometimes, I think about Columbus. He tried to reach India, but he discovered America. Where can my “Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere” discover?

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